About Teen Space


Our mission is to make Teen Space not only a place to buy cool things but a place of Inspiration! Through the life style we believe every person should have - in peace, surrounded by love and empowered – we want you to find yourself in it. If you have it, make it bigger. If you don’t have it, believe you can achieve it.

We want our brand to bring the best in people because you should know how Special and Unique you are! Our job is to promote Inspiration, Creativity, to help you understand your Personality and make you Accept Who You Are.​ Style, Personality and Authenticity are the traits here to Define You and Empower your Life!


Teen Space is a store specialized in the Coolest Clothes and Accessories for Girls. Our brand is for every teen: the Coolest, Geeks, Popular, Weirdo, Punk, Rock, Romantic... because everyone is Different and Unique. All the Styles and Personalities are here!

The store was created by two great friends, Michelle and Oxana, with the intent to develop a great project together. Oxana and I are friends since 2013. Back this year I was doing a training course at work and I met JB. One day after the class we decided to go for a beer with some of the class mates but at the end we were only the two of us.

 Since we didn’t know each other that well he invited two other friends for the happy hour, that end up to be Oxana and her boyfriend. Since that our friendship flourished and we kept in touch since then. 

 I am originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and moved to Norway in 2013 due to work. Oxana is originally from Russia and came to Norway to do her Master in cinema.​ Our common interests in dance, animals (specially cats :D), movies, parties and fashion provided so many good moments through the course of those years that allowed us to create this beautiful plan, Teen Space!


Elegance is symmetry, seduction and subtraction. Less is More! The square is a symmetrical geometry that frames really well the name of our store. Even not seeing all the complete sides of the square we still see a square because our brains tend to fill the gaps.

When we designed the logo we wanted to reflect our lives in it. The incomplete sections in the letters and the frame represent the gaps we have in our lives, that we are constantly trying to fill. But even having those gaps we can still see a path and visualize a future.

We have to keep improving to keep changing, evolving and winning. We will always face holes and gaps in our lives and we should always try to fill them.​ If you want to Change Your Life you have to Change Yourself!

The incomplete square also represents the attempt to Unite which is one of our messages with the store by providing all the styles we can. Accept yourself they way you are and Respect the others for the way they are. You can see the two ends of that incomplete side trying to close, always trying to reach a whole thing. Full Completion, One World, All Together.​


Thank you for being here!

Love always,

Michelle and Oxana